Sol Flores was born and raised in a small walkup apartment in Chicago by a single mother who came to Chicago from Puerto Rico and worked hard to climb out of poverty. Sol is a solutions-focused progressive who gave up a business career to create and lead La Casa Norte, an award-winning non-profit organization that provides housing and job assistance to thousands of homeless Latino and African American youth and families who have been failed by our unfair system. Sol was recognized by the Obama White House as a national Champion of Change for her work. 

As the first Latina Congresswoman from Illinois, Sol will:

Fight for Equal Pay

Sol will fight for equal pay legislation that finally ensures women receive equal pay for equal work. Sol believes it is unacceptable that women in America today are paid just $0.80 for every dollar paid to men for the same work—and women of color, who are more often relied upon by their families as the sole or contributing breadwinner, are paid even less.

Stand Strong For Choice

Sol will stand strong for Planned Parenthood and fight back against any attempt by Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress to restrict a woman’s right to choose. Sol believes that every woman has the right to control her own body, and that low-income women must have the same access to reproductive health care as anyone else.

Fight for Affordable Health Care

Sol will stand up to the Republicans’ efforts to repeal Obamacare. She believes that health care is as human right and understands how critical it is to moving families out of poverty and into the middle class. Sol will work to further expand access and make health care more affordable. Sol supports efforts to move toward a Medicare for All system.

Stand Up Against Violence

Sol will fight for real gun law reform. Sol has seen firsthand the devastation that violence has in the community she serves and believes that 3,000 people being shot in Chicago last year is a national disgrace. Sol will fight to close loopholes in purchasing and create universal background checks, ban the purchase of guns across state lines like in Indiana, crack down on straw purchasers who buy guns for criminals, regulate
 ammunition, and take away guns from domestic abusers and the
 dangerously mentally ill.

Fight for Immigrants

Sol was born into a proud Puerto Rican family
and is a devoted advocate for the Latino community. Sol helped lead the
 successful effort to provide municipal IDs to undocumented immigrants in 
Chicago so that they could access social services, and she works every day to
 provide housing and support services for Chicago's Latino community. Sol will continue her fight for immigrant justice by working to protect undocumented immigrants from the Trump administration's overreach and deportation efforts and pass the DREAM Act to give immigrants who were brought to the country as children a path to citizenship.

Stand Strong for Public Education

Sol will fight to improve the educational system for all students. She is the proud graduate of Chicago public schools and has created programs to allow homeless youth in Chicago to attend college and get the supports they need to succeed. Sol will stand up to Betsy DeVos’s dangerous threats to public schools and fight for programs that ease student debt and make college more affordable. She will also support efforts to increase the number of minority and diverse teachers and principals in our schools.

Fight to End Homelessness

Sol has been a tireless advocate for Latino and African American families and
 young people experiencing homelessness. As the leader of a nationally 
recognized homeless services provider, she 
believes everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of
their housing or economic situation. Sol understands that homelessness is a set of circumstances, not an identity, and that with the right political and moral will we can end homelessness in this country. She will keep fighting to expand access to affordable housing, affordable health care and living wage jobs.